Equality Plan and Wages Registration

What is it?

Royal Decree Law 06/2019 of March 1, on urgent measures, aims to establish a new legal framework towards full equality between women and men.

One of the highlights is that it includes the obligation of companies to have an Equality Plan and a Record of Average Wages of the different jobs of the company.

Equality Plan

For all companies from 50 working people.

The Royal Decree Law establishes a transitional period to fulfill this obligation:

  • Companies between 50 and 100 employees have a term of three years to prepare and implement the Equality Plan as of March 8, 2019.
  • Companies with more than 100 employees and up to 150 must prepare and apply the Equality Plan within two years.
  • For those companies with more than 150 workers and up to 250, they have a period of one year to prepare and implement the Equality Plan.

Benefits of having an Equality Plan:

Our services in Equality Plans contain an ordered set of evaluable measures aimed at removing obstacles that impede or hinder the effective equality of women and men. For this it will be necessary to analyze the following subjects:

a) Selection and contracting process.

b) Professional classification.

c) Training.

d) Professional promotion.

e) Working conditions, including the salary audit between women and men.

f) Co-responsible exercise of the rights of personal, family and work life.

g) Female underrepresentation.

h) Remuneration.

i) Prevention of sexual and sexual harassment.


Wages Registration

Mandatory for all companies.

Benefits of having a Wages Register

If a company has an average remuneration for workers of one gender higher than the other by 25% or more, the employer must justify the reason for this “Salary Gap”.

The Registry of salaries, normally and except for studies defining jobs, will be carried out, through the categories of agreements. It is very difficult that a salary report made through categories of the agreement not of incorrect and unreal information, which can also cause us some setback.

To prepare the Wage Registry, in JDA we recommend not to rely on the categories of the agreement since it does not guarantee an adequate comparison.

Our proposal is based on a detailed analysis that allows defining and classifying jobs according to their functions and responsibilities. Thus, the salary comparison between genders offers you a correct vision and result regarding the composition and salary distribution of your workforce. This detailed analysis and classification will facilitate the decision making of your salary policy.

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