Family Business

We have a special care with family business as they represent 2/3 of the world’s companies. 70% – 90% of the PGB is generated by family business, and 50%-80% of worldwide employs work on family companies.

The family business, in its identity as a company, presents the same characteristics as any other company. The essential difference lies in his last connection with a family group that has a direct influence on the government and management.

Succession planning, attracting and retaining non-family managers, renewing seniors, overcoming the natural resistance to not withdrawing, avoiding the financial problems of generational changes and guaranteeing the successor’s competence are especially delicate matters in a family business.

For this reason, we take special care of our approach under a triple perspective: Family, Property and Enterprise

Family Evolution and changes over time
Processes for improving communication
Family Council Development and Family Meetings
Property Protecting family assets
Guaranteeing the corporate control of the owning family
Planning of the testamentary, to the object is possible the transfer of shares and other assets, without conflicts in the next generation
Minimizing the cost of taxes on assets and inheritances
Company Formulating and implementing succession process
Leadership among family members. Successor
Setting up the Governing Body
Helping in the professionalization of managers

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