Integrated reporting

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The main purpose of an integrated report is to explain to stakeholders how an organization creates value over time.
An integrated report benefits stakeholders interested in the ability of the organization to create value over time, including employees, customers, suppliers, partners, local community, legislators, regulators and politicians.
The objective is to provide information about the resources and relationships used and the economic, social and environmental impact to create value in the medium, short and long term.

  • Generates greater management and integrated thinking.
  •  Provides more clarity on issues related to business, its performance, and current and future risks and opportunities. This is important internally for decision making, but it is also important externally for investors.
  • It originates greater trust and credibility of interest groups
  •  Improves the corporate reputation and relationship with the interested parties, by communicating more concisely and offering a vision of long-term viability.
  • Increased participation of employees
  • Easier to “sell”
  • Better response to information requirements
  • Improvement in the report process
  •  Improves the explanation of the relationship between economic performance and the rest of the areas
  • Maximizes the sales or transfer potential of the business by providing a better valuation basis
  • Provides the opportunity to establish or improve the identification, measurement and analysis of value and profitability on various capitals (assets)
  • Improvement in gross margins.
  • Lower the cost of capital                
  • Rating and financial scoring
  • Comparison of the financial rating with companies in the same sector

Your benefits

Being an ethically responsible company.
Be more competitive.
Be a more attractive employer.
Ability to have lower control costs.

To whom?

To all kind of companies, corporations, organizations, public and private institutions.

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